Kopf Celebrity & Singer & Painter Third Party Marshmallow Minifigures

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Product Name:  Kopf Celebrity & Singer & Painter American Oil Bob Ross Minifigures

Brand: Kopf

Series: Celebrity & Singer & Painter

Model: kf6089(1155-1162),kf1157,kf1158,kf1159,kf1161,kf1162

Material: Environment Friendly Material

Suitable age: over 3 years old

Maintenance: can be cleaned and sterilized

Net weight: 0.05kg

Package: plastic bag

Special attention:

1. Children should use it at home;

2. Do not swallow small building blocks;

3. If the toy is damaged, please recycle it;

4. Avoid exposure to the sun and moisture;

5. Pay attention to maintenance to prevent wear.